High quality corten steel flowerpot

High quality corten steel flowerpot

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Weathering steel also known as corten steel, is widely used in garden screens, flowerpot, bridges, containers, facades, roadblock and sculptures with its long service, low maintenance cost and artistical patina.
Outdoor corten steel decoration adopts new technology to sustainable development and innovation, and is becoming the world's top steel technology.
corten steel flowerpot

Irregular corten steel flowerpot

Corten steel has the advantages in ductility, molding, cutting, welding, heat-resistant and abrasion resistance. Its weather ability is 5-8 time of carbon steel, and the paint ability is 1.5-10 times of the carbon steel.
Usually the thickness of corten steel the flowerpots used is 2 mm-3 mm. Most common thickness is 2 mm. Some design drawings require 5 mm thickness, then the flower pot will very heavy, is not easy to transport, and the cost of production is very large.
corten steel flowerpot
Square corten steel flowerpot
Corten steel applied in flower pot includes various aspects, such as power coated flowerpot, large flowerpot, outdoor flowerpot, decorative flowerpot, etc.
Corten steel is widely applicate in flower pot. It increases the using time and appreciation of flowerpot.
corten steel flowerpot
Outdoor corten steel flowerpot

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