Can the corten steel house used at wildfire prone area?

Can the corten steel house used at wildfire prone area?

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Corten steel house can be used at the wild fire prone area basis on you choosed the corten grade have the performance of fire-resistant . Let’s we check why the weathered steel can be used at threat of wirldfire area?

wild fire prone corten facade and roofwild fire prone corten facade


The first reason: High temperature resistance

The fire resistant corten steel adopts appropriate technology to make steel contain specific composition, surface structure and micro-structure, so as that the corten steel itself needs to be produced fire and weatherproof. Troyiker company’s corten steel’s yield strength is not less than 2/3 of the room temperature specification at 600 C high temperature. It can keep 2.5 h of non-yield at 1080 C condition after test.

High temperature resistance weathering steel roofHigh temperature resistance weathering steel roof


The second reason: No need to spray refractory coating of Toryiker corten steel materials

Weatherproof steel overcomes the weakness of rapid softening of common structural steels (such as Q235/s235jr, Q345/s355jrgrade steel ) at high temperature. The refractory coating can be cancelled. It is a kind of "environmental friendly" refractory steel. It not only has good room temperature performance, high temperature performance and welding performance, but also has excellent high temperature creep resistance.

corten building no need to spray refractory coatingcorten building no need to spray refractory coating


The third reason: Toryiker weathering steel has good corrosion resistance, welding performance, reprocessing performance:

Like Bending, moulding, carving, cutting, rolling, Milling...More details please reference the link:

Good corrosion resistance weathering steel houseGood corrosion resistance weathering steel house


The case of corten steel house created for fire fighting.

The triple Barn residence in California for fire fighting, the whole external facade and roof of this house building use weathering steel wrapped. Making the unique house by combining corten steel with concrete and reserving glass windows in the middle parts. The triple Barn residence was designed not only for rooms of fire trucks, grain and staff member in the wild fire prone area, but also shaped the style of the house building to Embrace the nature scenery of huge mountains and wild forests.

inside of corten steel house for fire fightinginside of corten steel house for fire fighting


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