how to build a corten fire pit?

how to build a corten fire pit?

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Building a Corten fire pit have much kind of ways, here we recommend some methods depending on the different used purpose:

corten fir pit idea corten fir pit idea in outside

1.Build a corten fire pit in your home or garden:

The easy way, you just need to measure the size of place which u will put the corten fire pit in. And thinking which type you want? Then find it from any online way, like Amazon, Ebay and so on. Corten fire pit is not like bricks which can’t move after you build. It can move any place u want, and not very heavy, just by hand is ok. Also you can take it to have a picnic in the open air. Like patio fire pit, deck fire pit.

Corten fire pit for garden Corten fire pit for garden

2.Build a fire pit by corten for sale:

This way, I think first you should collect fire pit data of which size, type, function is popular for market. Then find one fire pit supplier or factory to customized. Troyiker as one corten fire pit manufacturer is offering design and popular style as your reference by free. You just show your idea to us is ok. And with our factory years of experience to supply corten steel raw materials, cutting, bending, welding, engraved pattern, one stop service. Troyiker is selling them to wholesaler by best delivery time(Basis on 1000m2 plant, more than 20 workers. )

Corten deck fire pit for sale Corten deck fire pit for sale

3.Build fire pit for some project:

Some times, Some project which you undertake need the corten fire pit to decorate or warm. Like some big hotel, holiday village, Forest park... Which need design model according to surrounding environment. Make them as one whole. Also should construction and installation. Our company have more experience in corten fire pit project in china, Singapore, Malaysia and UK.

First Troyiker will make the shop drawing according to designer’s drawing, and to get confirmed with the designer and end user.

Next step, we build them in our factory in time. After finished, we will take video or picture for designer and user to check or you can come our factory to inspection the goods. If no problem, we ship them for you.

Last way, If need us go to install, it is no problem, we will send our engineer to install at site.

homemade fire pit of corten homemade fire pit of corten

Any others if you want to know, please feel free to contact Troyiker by email:, WhatsApp: +8615537247953.

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