Weathering steel processing capabilities and services

Offering a total corten steel supply, weathering steel processing service and Post-weld installation.

The major benefit to you is a "one stop shop" for your corten steel design requirements, specific application., representing considerable savings in terms of time, cost and material management. Services available include: can rolling, profiling, cutting(Laser cutting, Oxy-fuel cutting, Plasma cutting, Shearing, Sawing, Forming.). Drilling, Milling, Chamfering, Bending, Tee splitting, Shot blasting, Painting and so on.

  • Delivering & Shipping

    A complete and efficient logistics distribution system, Guarantee the project construction on schedule.

    Delivering & Shipping

  • Surface Treatment

    Introduce the foreign science and technology research results, demanding perfect quality.

    Surface Treatment

  • Arc & Bending

    Precision machine tools to do arc and bending, bending vector/verticality deviation is very small.

    Arc & Bending

  • Laser Cutting

    Germany optical fiber laser cutting, let the gap to be zero distance docking.

    Laser Cutting

  • Material Procurement

    Well-known steel mills, offing good quality raw materials.

    Material Procurement

  • Drawing Design

    Senior designer make the drawing for the project.

    Drawing Design

  • Processing customized

    Well-known steel mills, offing good quality raw materials.

    Processing customized

  • Welding & construction

    Professional construction team, and welding line full and < / = 2 mm.

    Welding & construction