Decoration design corten steel

Decoration design corten steel

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Corten steel, also called Weather Resistant steel or Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant steel, it is known as a low cost and highly effective material.
Corten steel is classed as being a“self -protecting“steel for its“patina“which results from protective surface oxidation and develops during exposure to the atmosphere; The oxide layer that gives the steel its distinctive appearance and enhances weather resistant capabilities compared to standard steels, also the improved corrosion performance can lead to improved service life.
corten steel decoration
Corten steel wall decoration

Corten steels are typically used in Railway, bridges, rolling stock, shipping container, Garden building, and other structural applications.
It has prominent sight expressive force. The rust corrosion steel will change with time elapse. The degree of color and saturation is higher than common construction structure materials, so it is easy to emerge in green botanic garden. Besides, the coarse rust surface on steel make construction look grand.
corten steel decoration
Corten steel has prominent sight  expressive force

It has powerful plasticity. Like other metal materials, rust steel plate is easier to shape vivid shapes and hold good integrality. As to this point, wood, stone and concrete is hard to reach.
corten steel decoration
Corten steel has powerful plasticity

It also has distinct space demarcation capacity. Owing to steel’s high strength and tenacity, it does not have many limitations like bricks and stones. Hence, thin steel could be used to separate space exact and clear, making space becomes succinct, lively and alive. 
corten steel decoration
Corten steel has d
istinct space demarcation capacity

Corten steel has so good corrosion resistance and low cost, it is better choose as decoration material!

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