Corten steel wall cladding

Corten steel wall cladding

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Corten steel wall cladding is the epitome of the industrial age, and many designers use it to highlight a unique function of inductrual aesthetics and cultural memory. Moreover, the rusty suface makes people feel the historical vicissitudes, so that the concept of time can’t be captured. And Because glass and metal materials have the characteristics of concise modern form. So the weathering steel is often been given the label of techmology and artistic creativity and applied in some fashipn or office environment.
So Corten steel wall cladding is a popular choice for architects designing or revamping industrial buildings.

Corten steel wall cladding contain corten steel gates, corten steel steps, weathering steel landscape panels, weathered corten steel home & garden and so on, all can made as corten steel wall cladding building.
Materials: Corten A/09CuPCrNi-A
Thickness: 6-40mm
Width: 10-4200mm
Length: 10-12000mm
Special weld rod for weathering steel: che556nicrcu
Pretreatment of resistant steel surface: Shot blasting, Rusting treatment, rust curing treatment

 Corten steel wall cladding
Chemical Composition
Materials Chemical compostion %
  C Si Mn P S Cu Cr Ni
Corten-A ≤0.12 0.25-0.75 0.20~0.50 0.07-0.15 ≤0.030 0.25-0.55 0.50-1.25 ≤0.65
09CuPCrNi-A ≤0.12 0.25-0.75 0.20~0.50 0.07-0.15 ≤0.040 0.25-0.55 0.30-1.25 ≤0.65


Corten steel wall cladding Mechanical Properties

Materials Mechanical properties
  Yield point(Mpa) Tensile strength(Mpa) Elongation(%) Bending 180°
Corten-A ≥345 ≥485 ≥22 d=2a
09CuPCrNi-A ≥343 ≥480 ≥22 d=2a

Corten steel wall cladding Construction steps:

1.The corten steel do Shot blasting treatment by shot blasting machine.
2.The corten steel should be cutted and bentted by CNC machine according to the design drawing.
3.Installing the corten steel at the outside wall by the way of welding and Lay the keel behind the back.
4.After the installation is finished, cleaning the surface again. Then do rusting treatment.
5.When the weathing steel surface color becomes which u want, then do rust curing treatment.

The corten steel used at wall decoration
 wall decoration
       Wall decoration

L-shaped brick building: use the Croten steel and glass combined art,showwing a bright and open space.
corten steel wall construction detail
 L-shaped brick building

The building use the Corten steel panelled extensions at old buildings.
weathering process
old buildings

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