Corten garden screen panels

Corten garden screen panels

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How about the Corten garden screen panels?

Corten garden screen panels is made by 100% corten steel sheet also called weathered steel panels which enjoy the unique rust color, but not rot, rust or take off rust scale. Decorative screen by lazer cut design can be customized any kind of flower pattern, model, texture, characters etc. And with the specific and exquisite technology at pre-treated of corten steel surface by best quality to control the colour to express different styles, modal and environments’s magic, elegant with low-key, quiet, carefree and leisurely etc feeling. It comes with a same color corten frame which increased rigidity and support, making it easier to install.
decorative fence corten screen panels decorative fence corten
screen panels
What dimensions do we have for garden screen panels?
Our company have the stocks size at 1800*900mm(6ft*3ft); 1200*600mm(4ft*2ft); 2400&600mm(8ft*2ft)
Also can customized the laser cut screens size as customer’s requirement.

laser cut screens of corten size
laser cut screens of corten size

Corten garden screen panels for sale

Where to buy best quality of weathered steel garden screen panels? Now the suppliers which can do the corten surface rust treatment with best quality is very less. Most factories just use the raw materials of Corten with laser cutting without surface rust treatment, then wait the weathering steel color change by itself. This situation, you should wait half of one year for corten steel color changed, also you can’t control the color which you want. Just wait uncertain color it can be changed basis on environment and sunshine, this way, it may appear that the color is not uniform and the colours are different depending on the strength of illumination. Also you should reserved rust removal ditch in your garden. Because without surface rust pre-treated of weathered steel, that will still rust which same as ordinary steel plate in the earlier stage, when raining, a lot of rust water will be discharged, also the corten gardmetal privacy screensen screen panels will leave rust watermark which influencing beauty.
decorative corten metal screen art
decorative corten metal screen art

How to solve the rusted effect for longer time, Non-uniform color and rust mark questions of Corten garden screen?

Our factory as the manufacturer, in order to solve above questions, we invented one method to fixed color changed which you want, then don’t change again, and fixed rust layer to make the surface smooth and no rust stain when touch by hand or raining. And you don’t need take half of one year or longer time to get the rusted effect. We shop the corten metal screen that you can saw the effect when you open the package in your hand. I believe you will say” prefect and amazing” when you open it, it’s exactly the same as you think. Our corten garden screen planes in UK have sold and get highly appreciated.Further more, we have developed a lot of surface textures to show different styles’s used. Looking forward to more wholesalers to join. Welcome
outdoor screen panels for corten fence
outdoor screen panels for corten fence

Are the corten garden screen panels in stocks?

Our factory’s advantage is we not only have stocks of weathering steel screen which size is fashionable and meet most people’s aesthetic habits. This according to our company’s data accumulation of years and through corten screen market research, client demand, as well as customer feedback to get. We think you also will like.But also we customized decorative fence panels for clients. Our factory have rich raw materials and process machines, from raw materials to finshed product, every step is inder our control, so we can ensure you that quality, delivery time and better price.
bunnings decorative screens of corten
bunnings decorative screens of corten

What are the installation guide of corten garden screen panels?

Easy installation: If you install by yourself, just need two people and installation ways is same as the timber feece.

Perfect plying-up: The panel is designed to fit most spaces, because you can choose to open the column (50 mm wide) or side (100 mm wide), so that if you have a specific space, they need to be installed into a specific space, which allows a little flexibility. The clamps also have a certain degree of tolerance. They grab the panel and give you extra millimeters per clamp. If you don't want to see a post, you can enter the post directly from the front fixed panel, which also reduces the cost because you don't need any clips.

Level Change: you can step down panels by panels of most of level change.

Corners: You can use the rectangular shape posts t fix the right angles to other face as you go around one corner in the instance. Better contnue the posts in the same direction as the post at the corner.

In a word, our company’s corten garden screen panels come with posts together and installation instruction drawing, so you don’t need to worry about installation. It is easy. And if you want to install the corten screen at the wall, we also offer wall mounting frameworks. To make your wall as an amazing wall art function.

custom weathered metal art fance
custom weathered metal art fance

Any other information of corten garden screen panels you want to know, please feel free to contact us by email: or WhatsApp: +8615537247953

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