Is Corten Steel and Weathering Steel the Same Thing?

Is Corten Steel and Weathering Steel the Same Thing?

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Corten steel and Weathering steel belong to the same series of steel. They are all called Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel. But there are still difference as follow:
Troyiker Corten steel surface colorTroyiker Corten steel surface color

First let us checking Corten steel and Weathering steel difference in name:
Corten steel is also called Cor ten, Cor-ten, Cor 10, Cor-T. And standard follow ASTM, it is one kind of America steel grade.Weathering steel also called weathered steel, it is one kind of weatherproof steel. And weatering steel has been set standards by many countries. Like GB(China), JIS(Japan), En(Europe), ASTM(US)...
weathering steel surface colour changedorginal weathering steel surface colour changed

Next let’s checking development history of Corten steel and weathering steel.
From the beginning of the 20th century still now, weathering steel has been deeply studied in the United States, Germany, Britain and Japan. As early as 1900, scientists in Europe and America discovered that copper could improve the corrosion resistance of steel in the atmosphere. In 1916, the American Society of Experiments and Materials (ASTM) began the research of atmospheric corrosion. C. P. Larrabee carried out the data accumulation of atmospheric corrosion, summarized the corrosion law and discussed the corrosion mechanism. In the 1930s, U. S. Steel first developed containing copper corrosion resistant high strength low alloy steel---Corten steel. In the 1960s, unpainted Corten steel was directly used in buildings and bridges. The most commonly used steel was Cortern A series steel with high phosphorus, copper, chromium &nickel and Corten B series steels with chromium, manganese, copper alloying.
Troyiker corten steel pattern textureTroyiker corten steel pattern texture

After that:
In 1961s, China began trial production of 16MnCu weathering steel.
In 1965s, China start to produce 09CuPTi thin weathering steel panel and first weatherproof steel Bridge built in Japan.
In 1967s, China first used weathering steel at vehicle.
In 1968s, Japan drafted standard of JIS63114 for hot rolled weathered steel for welded structures.
In 1969s, Germany Began to use bare weathering steel.
In 1972s, Bare weathered resistant steel used in Britain.
In 1983s, Japan formulated Sm AOOP coating weathering steel.a
In 1984s, China drafted GB standard of high weatherability structural steel.
In 1988s, China developed NH-35q weathered steel for Bridge
In 1999s, China developed JT Series Tower Mast structural weathered steel.
Troyiker weathering steel pre-treat surfaceTroyiker weathering steel pre-treat surface

Last, Performance differences of Corten steel and weathering steel.
Corten steel have two series: Corten A and Corten B. Corten A mainly used at Railway Vehicle, Similar as 09CuPCrNi of china standard. Corten B mainly used for high weather resistance of steel Structural, similar as Q355GNH of china standard;S355J2WP of EN10025 European Standards; and a588gr of ASTM us standard.Weathering steel mean all series of Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, including Corten series, welding structure series, Higher weathering structural steel, Sulfuric acid Dew point corrosion resistant steel, Bridge weathered steel, railway vehicle weatherpoof series, Anti-corrosion weathered steel for container.
weathering steel application areaweathering steel application area

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