What is the weathering steel and application field

What is the weathering steel and application field

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What is the weathering steel and application field

Weathering steel Characteristic: Good corrosion resistance, low cost, no need coating, save labor and environmental protection,sustainable use.

The Core 10 steel and anti-corrosion property of Corten-A is 5~8 times as high as common steel. COR-TEN B is 4 times as high as common steel.

The weathering steel is not Stainless steel, It is also corroded as common carbon steel During initial period. Some time later, Cu, P and other trace elements enrichment, forming a layer of dense amorphous rust layer of tissue. This tissue could prevent further corrosion of steel to some extent. the rust layer will become stable, forming chocolate color on the steel surface, very solid with the matrix. To prevent further corrosion of the base metal.

The application fields of weathering steel:

It is widely used in railway wagon, containers, bridges and other areas such as construction, engineering machinery, coal mining machinery and other large machinery exposed to the atmosphere and special industry conditions.

1. Anti-Corrosion steel for Container
Container anti-corrosion steel

2. Corten steel for Railway Vehicle
railway vehicle

3. Weathered resistance steel for bridge
high weathering steel for bridge

4. Atmospheric corrosion resistance steel for Drilling Platform
S355J2WP for Drilling Platform

5. Sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistant steel for Power Plant
weathered steel for power plant

6. A588M welded weathering steel for building
welded weather steel for building

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