Corten outdoor fire pit

Corten outdoor fire pit

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Corten outdoor fire fit use the surface pretreated corten steel as the raw materials to made the different type, form, colour fire pit which is more suitable at outdoor.

corten outdoor fire pit
Corten outdoor fire pit

The raw materials of Corten outdoor fire pit

From most of the clients feedback that they prefer the corten fire pit at outdoor. And the Corten steel have the characteristic:

1. Corten fire pit’s Corrosion resistance is 8 times than of common steel firepits, then don’t need worry bad weather, moist climate, wind-sand zone and other harsh environment.

2.Price is very good much than stainless steel, although corten patio fire pit’s corrosion resistance is very good. And corten fire pit is more suitable for outdoor’s pastoral style environment. How you think?

3.Our factory invented surface pretreated technology of corten deck fire pit to meet the client’s different color and pattern requirement which can better fuse environment and aesthetic art.

4.Easy to shape shaping and carving any kind of pattern by laser cutter. This feature makes the Corten fire pit ideas more artistic.

shape corten outdoor firepit
Shape outdoor corten firepit

So now our manufacturer use the corten steel as our main raw material at outdoor fire pit.

Type and Effect of corten outdoor fire pit

1.Corten outdoor fire pit used at Garden

Garden corten homemade fire pit landscape is a comprehensive element, it is best by customized, can be integrated into the environment, such as shape can be made similar with whole building. And the carving patterns design of corten metal fire pit with surrounding vegetation set off each other, and the plants and fire on the flowerbed set off against each other in the breeze, which is really very harmonious and natural.
graden outdoor firpits
graden outdoor firpits

2.Corten outdoor fire pit used at outdoor sports place

Like Outdoor hunting, mountain climbing, Smoke from kitchen chimneys activity, Our friends and family will together, here we often will have one warm and happy dinner and talk very much happy things. There one warm fire pit is very necessary. Friends and family sit together, warm accompany, twinkling light, began to rise. Here require the fire pit designs are easy to carry, Fuel is easy to find or take, like wood, and it is more safely, also stronger and durable. Like the fire pit bowl. From this characteristic consider, you will think the corten outdoor fire pit is one better choice.

outdoor sport corten firepits
outdoor metal firepits

3.Some special scene application of corten outdoor fire pit

Like Swimming pool, after you just finished your proud swimming activity, want to have a rest, If here have one corten pitfire, which keep you warm in an instant, not only the fire, but also the colour of corten. I think you will feel happy. And at dusk, sitting on the sofa chair in front of the corten fire pit, The blending of water and fire scene came into view, the beautiful twilight is intoxicating. Another reason to choose corten fire pit is its higher corrosion resistance performance, not afraid of water and wet environment.

swimming pool corten fire pit idea
swimming pool corten fire pit idea

Any other information for corten outdoor fire pit if you want to know, you can contact us by email:, WhatsApp: +8615537247953

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