Corten weathering steel planters

Corten weathering steel planters

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Materials: SPA-H/1.8946
Thickness: 6-40mm
Width: 10-4200mm
Length: 10-12000mm
Special weld rod for weathering steel: che556nicrcu
Pretreatment of resistant steel surface: Shot blasting, Rusting treatment, rust curing treatment

Corten weathering steel planters Chemical Composition

Materials Chemical compostion %
  C Si Mn P S Cu Cr Ni
SPA-H ≤0.12 0.25~0.75 ≤0.60 0.070~0.15 ≤0.035 0.25~0.55 0.30~1.25 ≤0.65
1.8946 ≤0.12 0.25-0.75 0.20~1.0 0.06-0.15 ≤0.030 0.25-0.55 0.30-1.25 ≤0.65

Corten weathering steel planters Mechanical Properties
Materials Mechanical properties
  Yield point(Mpa) Tensile strength(Mpa) Elongation(%) Bending 180°
SPA-H ≥355 ≥490 ≥22 d=a
1.8946 ≥345 ≥470 ≥16 d=2a
outdoor planters
corten steel outdoor planters

Unique anti-corrosion material properties and Bright color contrast which made the weathing steel widely used in flower pool.
corten bamboo plants
corten bamboo plants

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